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Set of 20 Pins with Matreshka Dolls
This set consists of 20 metal pins with wooden matreshka dolls on them. Pins are hand painte..
Set of 10 Wooden Pens with Matreshkas
These wooden pens with Matreshkas are hand made and hand painted in Russia. Each pen is about 7' ..
Set of 15 Nesting Matreshka Dolls
This set consists of 15 nesting Matreshka dolls. Each doll has 5 pieces. Matreshkas are hand made..
Set of 10 Matreshka Magnets
This set consists of 10 wooden Matreshka magnets. Each magnet is hand painted and about 2.5' high..
Set of 30 Matreshka Keychains
This set consists of 30 wooden Matreshka keychains. Each keychain is hand painted, size is about ..
Matreshka Key Chain
This wooden Matreshka Key-chain is hand painted in St. Petersburg, Russia by professional artist...
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