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Pavel Shevchenko

Pavel Shevchenko
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Babylon Bull
Pavel Shevchenko, «Babylon Bull»,bronze, 2010 7,65кг, 39-24-14см ..
Boar I
Pavel Shevchenko “Boar I”, bronze, 2009 4,56кг, 27-33-12см ..
First Flight
Pavel Shevchenko, “First Flight”, bronze, 2009 8,2 кг, 49-37-21см ..
Pavel Shevchenko, “Fishing”, bronze, 2009 8,9kg, 23-33-17cm ..
Pavel Shevchenko, “Eagle”, bronze, 2009 27кг, 52-75-36см ..
Pavel Shevchenko “Dreamer”, bronze, 17.5' high, 2009 ..
Successful hunting
Pavel Shevchenko, “Successful Hunting”, bronze 40 cm high ..
Pavel Shevchenko, Taurus, Bronze, 28.7' high, 32.7' long and 6.7' wide ..
Woken Up
Pavel Shevchenko, Woken Up, Bronze, 17.7' high, 12.2' long and 6.7' wide, the base is made of woo..
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