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Gasparyan Armen

Gasparyan Armen

Armen Gasparyan was born in 1966 in Kapane (Southern Armenia).
Since 1984 he lives and works in Saint-Petersburg
From 1988 till 1993 he was a student at Saint-Petersburg Herzen State University at the Faculty of Fine Arts.
He is a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.


Gasparyan’s works are in private collections in Germany, Holland, Finland, Italy, USA, Russia and other countries.


1992 gallery «Paradise», Saint-Petersburg
1993 gallery «Krunk», Saint-Petersburg
1994, 2003, 2008  gallery «Guild of Masters», Saint-Petersburg
1995 gallery «Arch», Haarlem, Holland
1996 gallery «77», Hamburg, Germany
1998, 2000, 2005, 2010  gallery «Dune», Domburg, Holland
2001 gallery «Paradise Harbor», Amsterdam, Holland
2004 gallery «Artefiz», Zurich, Switzerland
2006 gallery «Straus», Amsterdam, Holland
2007 gallery «Zerkalo», Moscow
2007 gallery «St Remy», Liege, Belgium
2008 gallery „Amstel Art ", Heemstede, The Netherlands 
2009 gallery „S.Р.А.S ", Saint-Petersburg

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Harlequin with a monkey
Gasparyan Armen, Harlequin with a monkey, 60 x 50 cm, oil on canvas, 2007.  800 gr. ..
Gasparyan Armen, Magician, 55 x 50 cm, oil on canvas, 2010. ..
Tree of Life
Gasparyan Armen, Tree of Life, 90 x 70 cm, oil on canvas, 2009. ..
The King and The Fool
Gasparyan Armen, The King and The Fool, 80 x 120 cm, oil on canvas, 2016.  2.300 g. ..
NEW!   Amazons Battle
Gasparyan Armen, Amazons Battle, 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas, 2016.  1900 g. ..
Harlequin with a Ring
Gasparyan Armen, Harlequin with a Ring, 85 x 65 cm, mixed media on cardboard paper(oil, ink, cray..
Harlequin on a Cube
Gasparyan Armen, Harlequin on a Cube, 85 x 65 cm, mixed media on cardboard paper(oil, ink, crayon..
Gasparyan Armen, Dragon, 85 x 65 cm, mixed media on cardboard paper(oil, ink, crayon), 2016. ..
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