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Bakin Sergey

Bakin Sergey

Graduated from:

Secondary school of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts and Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design (used to be named after Mukhina).


Awards and titles:

Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia

Member of French and Saint Petersburg Community of pastel artists. 

23 personal exhibitions. He took part in more than 200 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. 


His masterpieces are at:

Erarta, museum of modern Art

State Hermitage

Russian Museum and other museums in Russia. 


Manner of painting: The artist mixes techniques: pastel, charcoal, sanguine, oil painting – all the materials serve to create a unique artistic image, to express the main aim. Bakin mostly uses pastel and oil paints. 


Style: He continues the tradition of impressionism but in his own way, introducing into the image complicated and bright colorful emphasis.


Main objects of his work: pastel city scenery and delicate ballerinas. His manner of performance distinguishes by saturation and emotionality. The city for Bakin is a combination of complicated vibrations of colors and barely recognizable edge. Ballet is some kind of chaos, light and uncatchable. 



For Bakin, the genre of city scenery is similar to some kind of creative laboratory, where the artist elaborates his individual manner of performance.


He is considered as a spiritual son of famous Edgar Degas (the main theme of Degas’s work is the ballet and his favorite material is pastel).


He is a virtuoso of drawing. He isn’t afraid of expression and generalization. His works are a picturesque proof of vivid (alive) sensation. 


He is a talented designer, participant of fashion shows in Munich and Paris. He gave up his career of fashion designer for the benefit of the art. 


Bakin is a fashion designer! -


Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design department of fashion design.

He worked in the House of Fashion for 9 years.

His fashion collections were highly appreciated at the fashion shows in Munich.

He refused the offer to work with Yves Saint Laurent Fashion House, preferring art to the world of fashion and thin silhouette of female body to delicate outfits.

All his ballet dancers are painted from the back, you cannot see their faces because they don’t matter, the personality doesn’t matter.


The muse for the artist is something more like a moving matter in the atmosphere than a human being with complicated soul organization.


Weightlessness and lightness of the ballerinas’ silhouettes are shown by the artists with implicit semitransparent scale of colors and lines. 



Ballet for Bakin is ELEMENT, personified in flexible almost transparent human body. The element is full of lightness, intangibility and legerity. 


In his ballet cycle, Bakin is a mystery observer, spying a strangers’ life. His is in the secret backstage world, not available for a regular viewer.


When they don’t play their roles, the dancers are graceful and natural. This charm attracts the artist: there is no influence of the role, no masks, no fixed movements. There is only pure naturalness.


Every silhouette in Bakin’s painting it’s a dramatic story, individual character and special mood. Emotion of the model is shown through her body language, not through her facial mimicry. 

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a Series of “Ballet”_9
Sergey Bakin, a Series of “Ballet”, 32 x 46 cm, charcoal on paper, 2008. 350 gr. ..
Ballet in Pastel 3
Sergey Bakin, 91.5 x 67.5 cm (in frame and backing board), pastel on paper, 2015. ..
Ballerina in the dark
Sergey Bakin, Ballerina in the dark, 40x30cm, pastel and oil on canvas,2014.570g ..
Ballet in Pastel 4
Sergey Bakin, 91.5 x 71.5 cm (in frame and backing board), pastel on paper, 2015. ..
A Series of "Ballet" "Yana"
Sergey Bakin, a Series of “Ballet.Yana", 40x60cm, mixed media on canvas, 2011. 770g ..
Ballet in Pastel 5
Sergey Bakin, 97.5 x 76.5 cm (in frame and backing board), pastel on paper, 2015. ..
A Series of "Ballet" "Kitty Popova"
Sergey Bakin, A Series of "Ballet.Kitty Popova", 40x60cm, pastel and oil on canvas,2011.770g ..
Peter and Paul Fortress
Sergey Bakin, Peter and Paul Fortress, 70 x 60 cm, pastel and oil on canvas, 2014, 740 g. ..
Black Swan
Sergey Bakin, "Black Swan", 30 x 40 cm, pastel and oil on canvas, 2013-2014. 250 g ..
The St. Petersburg plotless
Sergey Bakin, "The St. Petersburg plotless",60 x 90 cm, pastel and oil on canvas, 2012. ..
A Series of "Ballet" "Tired Dasha"
Sergey Bakin, A Series of "Ballet.Tired Dasha". 40 x 60 cm, pastel and oil on canvas, 2011. 760 g..
Finlyandsky Bridge (Bridge in Saint-Petersburg)
Sergey Bakin, Finlyandsky Bridge (Bridge in Saint-Petersburg), 50x90cm, pastel and oil on canvas,..
At the Rehearsal. Dasha
Sergey Bakin, "At the Rehearsal. Dasha", 30 x 40 cm, pastel and oil on canvas, 2012. 570 g ..
A Series of "Ballet" _1
Sergey Bakin, A Series of "Ballet" , 20.7 x 30 cm, pastel and oil on canvas, 2007. 360 g ..
Sinopskaya Embankment. Early Morning
Sergey Bakin, "Sinopskaya Embankment. Early Morning", 38 x 100 cm, pastel and oil on canvas, 2011..
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