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Podgaevskaya Marina

Podgaevskaya Marina

Marina Podgaevskaya was born in 1963. In 1983 she graduated from the interior design department of the Leningrad Art School named after V.Serov (today’s St.Petersburg Art School named after N.Roerich). In 1988 she has completed the course of studies of old techniques of painting (Italian and Dutch)

 Podgayevskaya is an author of more than 500 works, with her paintings being part of numerous art shows in Russia, Europe and Asia. Many of her paintings are in prvate Russian, American and Western European collections, as well as in Pulkovo Observatory collection, Saint-Petersburg State University and the Slovak Embassy in Moscow.

 Paintings of Marina Podgaevskaya are lyrical and full of mythology and fantasy themes. However, the images created by the artist, be it the nymph or Roman Aurora are often accompanied by the modern cityscapes, thawing in a sleepy haze. Female imagery is prevailing in the works of the artist, woman’s body in its nudity as a central figure reflects the famous saying of Max Ernst “Woman’s nudity makes more sense than the sermon of the philosopher”. Flower petals are covering the silhouettes like garments. Podgaevskaya’s technique of painting is largely based on her long-term studies of old masters of Dutch and French schools. Nevertheless, the painter was capable of creating her own unique style. Soft translucent colors sound in poetic and musical way and on the other hand create a vivid atmosphere and expression, forming a harmony of shapes and color.


  • 1991 January - participate in the exhibition "Artists of St. Petersburg, LenExpo, St. Petersburg
  • 1995-1997 - Participation in the Summer Garden, Saint Petersburg
  • 2001 March - Participation in the exhibition hall of Smolny, St. Petersburg
  • 2005-2006 - Gallery Residence, St. Petersburg
  • 2005-2006 - Gallery of "The Gift", St. Petersburg
  • 2006 September - participation in an exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum, St. Petersburg
  • 2007 April - participated in a charity auction at the embassy in Moscow, St. Petersburg, organized by the "Grace", St. Petersburg
  • 2007 16 February to 20 March. - Personal exhibition "Unobtrusive dream" gallery "Dee Dee", St. Petersburg
  • 2007 August-September - solo exhibition "Unobtrusive sleep-2 cabin M / V" Kazan, St. Petersburg
  • 2007 September - group exhibition at the Center for books and charts, Saint-Petersburg
  • 2007 October - a collective exhibition ARTINDEX, St. Petersburg
  • 2008 February - group exhibition of artists in Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
  • 2008 March - the exhibition "Art Salon" CHA, Moscow
  • 2008 April - Solo exhibition at the English Club, St. Petersburg
  • 2008 June-solo exhibition in the framework of international maritime exhibition BOTSHOU, LenExpo, St. Petersburg
  • 2009 March - the exhibition "Art Salon" CHA, Moscow
  • 2009 June - exhibition at the gallery JMA, Vienna, Austria
  • 2009 October-November - Solo exhibition at the gallery "Russian Portrait", St. Petersburg
  • 2009 December, participated in the exhibition "Art Manege, Moscow
  • 2009 December - Collective exhibition "Jazz history. I see you hear!" in the exhibition hall "Tolstoy Square, St Petersburg.
  • 2010 January - exhibition at the gallery JMA, Vienna, Austria


        List of exhibitions in 2009 in France

  • January, Artistic Life in Peterburge, Nantes, France, La vie d'artistes à Saint-Pétersbourg, Cosmopolis, Nantes, France
  • April, White Nights in Peterburge, House of the national heritage, Mesker, Atlantic Coast, France «Les nuits blanches de Saint-Pétersbourg» la Maison de la Patrimoine, Mesquer, France
  • May, Inspiration, Beautiful Island in the Sea, Atlantic Ocean, France «Le souffle secret», Belle-ile en mer, France
  • July, paint the White Nights Peterburga Gallery, Rex, Puligen, France «Les couleurs des nuits blanches de Saint-Pétersbourg», galerie Rex, le Pouliguen, France
  • August, Light and Colours White Nights Peterburga, Cathedral, Pornic, France «Les lumières et les couleurs de Saint-Pétersbourg», Chapelle de l'Hôpital, Pornic, France
  • September, Art for churches, festivals, Pornichet, France «L'art au gré des chapelles» festival, Pornichet, France
  • December, Light and Colours Peterburga, City Hall, Saint Nazaire, France «Les lumières et les couleurs de Saint-Pétersbourg», Mairie, Saint-Nazaire, France


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